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Gwen Carter

One Visit Can Be Life Changing

Come in today and experience one of my Readings or one of my Spiritual Meditation Sessions. I take great pride in my new and long time clients I've had for years and I hope to see you in the near future and I thank you for Choosing me as your Psychic and Advisor all my Readings and Spiritual Services are Private and Confidential 

I am Gwen Carter I am a Italian/Sicilian decent Psychic Advisor I’ve been giving readings for over 25 years it all started when I was a young girl I was seeing and predicting events of peoples lives and knowing there thoughts before they say anything as a child at the beginning it was quite scary and I was puzzled on why I have this unique quality to predict and foresee the future My Grand mother told me you have inherited this gift from your ancestors back in the old country this went back into the late 1800s they were known threw out Italy and Sicily and most parts of the Mediterranean Sea for telling the future there true calling was

Astrology  - Numerology - and Lovers Compatibility



My Services and Sessions


Palm Readings –Tarot Card Readings


Psychic Readings – 3rd Eye Chakra Readings

Astrology – Numerology – Lovers Compatibility Charts


Reiki – Feng shui – Bazi –


Chakra Balancing  -  Sound Healing – Aura Cleansing  –

Also other mediation Sessions avalible 



I have great Compassion in my work and all my clients that I have helped over the years I will continue to help everyone that gives me the opportunity to meet them and ask of my services as long as I shall live because this quality - blessing  - power what ever you want to call it is my calling from God himself God chose me to have strength and knowledge to foresee and predict the future so I can help people in all aspects and obstacles of your lives I am non judgmental of any one I will provide you inner peace You will experience a mind - body and spiritual journey you will be enlightened with white lite I will also unclog your energy I help with relationship support I can improve your life with my guidance to rehabilitate your soul –I increase your strengths  - reduce your anxiety and remove your fears you will have clarity and peace I focus on natural wellness and spiritual mediation  healings I will show you how to channel your highest potential so you can Discover your best life you can call me

today for any session or service of your desire

Call and make your appointment today


One Visit Can Be Life Changing


Contact Me

Call me to make an appointment to have a Reading or a Spiritual Session of your choice 


(714) 772 - 8585


1465 W. Imperial Hywy

Brea Ca. 92821

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